Special Programs:
Gifted & Talented

The Gifted and Talented department provides programs that nurture the abilities of gifted and talented/high performing students while fostering parent and community involvement through Gifted and Talented programs, Pre-AP classes, and Dual Credit courses.

Rigorous academic instruction with a strong focus on pacing, depth, and complexity occurs at all grade levels for students in the Gifted and Talented program!


In grades K-5, students identified as gifted and talented are clustered together with GT trained teachers in academically diverse classrooms. The district GT interventionist works with the grade level teachers to meet the needs of identified students.

Differentiated lessons occur in the regular classroom with the classroom teacher while some occur outside the regular classroom during STAR time. During STAR time, GT students in grade K-5 are grouped together and receive differentiated instruction in the core content areas using Texas Performance Standards Project with a classroom teacher who has at least 30 hours of gifted awareness training, plus the required six hour annual update.


In grades 6-12, students identified as gifted and talented are clustered together in Pre-AP classes with Pre-AP trained teachers. Pre-AP class instruction may include a modified delivery of instruction including accelerating and/or providing for greater depth, more complex content and enrichment activities.

The Gifted and Talented program identification process occurs annually in October and March. Parents, teachers and community members may refer a student for GT testing at any time during the school year.