The Odyssey Academy technology team supports over 1,000 end users, multiple computer systems, and hundreds of devices, and is committed to providing students, teachers, administrators, and staff the best possible technological learning and working environments possible.

Online Services

Students, staff, and parents each have their own set of personalized applications, maintained and supported by the technology department. Parents have access to tools that allow them to participate in, and follow their student’s academic progress. txConnect gives parents direct access to their student’s grades.

Students can use a variety of instructional tools from home and school. Middle and High School students have an Odyssey Academy Microsoft account that allows them to access Office 365, a comprehensive application that enables students and teachers to collaborate and communicate online.

The Staff Portal provides instructional and administrative applications as well as access to personal HR information.

Hardware, Network Services, and Support

To access and use the available tools appropriately, a robust infrastructure of network services, hardware, and support services needs to be in place. Our technology department maintains and supports internet access, wired and wireless for over 1,000 end users.

Technology is never flawless. We know how disruptive and frustrating it is when something is not working. Our technology department strive to provide efficient and effective service to users needing support. Support Tickets can be submitted at any time.


Above all, we aim for a safe digital environment for all. We ensure compliancy with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) by requiring training for staff and age-appropriate digital citizen lessons for students. All staff and students annually sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), promising online and offline responsible behavior. Behind the scenes, several systems, such as internet filters, are in place to keep our students safe.