Special Programs:

Students who are speakers of languages other than English and who have limited linguistic proficiency in English are eligible for linguistic programs designed to support language acquisition in English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in all content areas. The goals of these programs are for students to become proficient in English, achieve academically, and grow effectively through research based instruction and social and cultural support.

Bilingual education for Spanish speakers is available for Odyssey Academy students in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade. Within the bilingual program, instruction in the students’ native language is used to maintain academic progress and instruction in English is implemented to increase English proficiency in both social and academic language. Students transfer content learned in their native language to English as their English proficiency increases.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is available at Odyssey Academy for students identified with limited proficiency in English in grades Pre-K through 12th. The ESL program includes sheltered instruction in English and the support of a full time certified ESL teacher. Sheltered instruction and strategies specifically designed for English language learners support students’ growth in English proficiency while ensuring academic content is meaningful and accessible to English language learners.

Odyssey Academy builds upon and values the linguistic, academic, and cultural experiences of students and families. Through Bilingual and ESL programs, students develop mastery of the English language, achieve academic success, and develop biculturalism. Through the bilingual/ESL program, Odyssey Academy hopes to fulfill the goals that:

  • All students will celebrate their own cultural identity while developing the intercultural understanding and respect essential to life in a pluralistic society.
  • All students will embrace their multilingual ability as an asset that fosters positive communication in a diverse world.
  • All students will experience rigorous, complex, and meaningful learning that promotes divergent thinking and empowers them to contribute positively to society.

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