At Odyssey Academy, we believe that all students can learn and achieve their goals when they set their mind to do it. Therefore, we have a special program that helps the OA Community to attain a higher standard of excellence in education.

The following are the five core values that form the pledge that members of the OA Community are expected to strive for. Each member of Odyssey Academy recites this pledge daily as a reminder of what qualities it takes to be successful at Odyssey Academy and in the wider world.


Definition: Integrity is retaining and maintaining your authority, reputation, and prestige by adhering to sound principles of right conduct.

Pledge: I believe I can achieve great things by maintaining high standards for myself and others.


Definition: Encouragement means to support potential, guide growth, and to help others achieve their best.

Pledge: I will encourage others to be their best, do their best, and achieve their best.


Definition: Respect is holding others in esteem and honor by showing regard and consideration for them.

Pledge: I will respect the Odyssey learning environment with my voice and actions.


Definition: Responsibility is being worthy of trust and being able to answer, explain, or justify actions in one’s work.

Pledge: I will follow the three B's: Be there, Be prepared, and Be on task.


Definition: Safety is being protected from, or not being exposed to, the risk of harm or injury.

Pledge: I will follow all rules for the safety of myself and others.

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